Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Krsnaveshane - Sri Krishna will find my geometry box!! (1)

One of my close friend asked why the name "Krsnaaveshane"?? Following is excerpt of my reply:
"First thing...
                     somethings really triggers in me with the name Krishna, it just excites me. 
                     'Krsna' - means that which attracts
                     'anveshane' - means searching
                     So searching meaning of the things that attracts/excites me. Ofcourse finance is one such thing."

 Sri Krishna excites me, full stop. i started writing this blog to put my thoughts out on my journey of understanding this mystery man (somehow i link him to the concept of god) and with a selfish desire that readers thoughts might be helpful in the journey (of course realizing the potential of the social media...).

How i became interested in Sri Krishna?? Will try to recall my past (err... can we really recall from past) in next few blogs which pictures some events which mysteriously got linked to Krishna.

Mysore is a pleasant city known for its parks, lakes, chamundi hill, KRS dam..etc. Unhealthy competitiveness was the last word in its dictionary, but westernization is so deep rooted in our country it did not leave Mysore untouched. i was studying mostly 3rd or 4th standard and Anil was my best friend. Knowing our limits we used to compete for 10th place in the class. Our aim was to get to single digit someday which never worked out. Most of the times i was @ 10th place, Anil used to be @ 11th place. Then came a day when, the role reversed.

Our society & schooling system is designed to promote unhealthy competition and hence i believe it manures unhealthy emotions in children which shows up big time when we grow up. Anil had gone past me and jealousy over took my mind so much that it was difficult for me to talk to him. I had to do something to make mind silent and hence decided to steal his geometry box. It was last period of "friday" and i decided it was appropriate time to take revenge. Somehow all the skills required to do task that mind really wants to do automatically appears... so with all the skills of a professional thief i was successful in putting his geometry box in my bag. Mind was very very happy... Bell rang and he realized his geometry box is missing and then we tried to search for it and obviously we did not find it.

Anil started crying as we started walking towards our home. I asked him what he would do next, he replied "Sri Krishna will find my geometry box!! He knows who has taken it and he will find it and punish him".  It was shocker for me, the roller coaster ride of emotions & sleepless nights i had for next 2 days and how fear of Krishna forced me to keep geometry box back in Anil's bag (in my next blog) is probably my first encounter with Krishna.