Monday, October 27, 2014


Get the best price online: Price Comparison websites and plugins

Buy Hatke
Browser Plugins are good - works with flipkart, amazon, jabong..etc. You can just click on Compare button on corresponding websites
Apply Coupon Plugin - Automatically applies best Coupon on Checkout

Its a new site, still needs to get stabilize
Plugins are not compatible with all the websites
Special sale prices will not reflect on the price comparison chart(example: flipkart billion sale prices does not reflect)
Does not take into account special discounts.. like debit-card offers, sales..etc

Indian Bookstore
Guaranteed lowest price for books

Only works for books
Does not take into account special discounts.. like debit-card, sales..etc

My Smart Price
Coupons, sale information..etc

Still does not give valid info, i have seen best prices by manual comparison and does not match sometimes

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Overcoming OK Plateau


Joshua Foer: OK Plateau

Friday, May 30, 2014


nam Kailasam...

nam Kailasam story... Watch it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Best Problem Solving books...

For problem solving lovers - following are the list of books that i have read and most of them has amazingly influenced my thinking. Books are listed in no particular order, bolder ones are classics. I hope to write small review of each one of them... Please do comment with your list

Conceptual Blockbusting by James Adams
Everyone of us lot mental blocks to tackle a particular problem/situation in life. Some of the blocks are the result of how our brains are hardwired, but there are lots of other blocks which can be potentially overcome by becoming aware of them and consciously working to avoid those blocks. What I liked most of this book is that Adams is actually able to categorize them into different categories and exercises are simply the best. I have read it many times and will keep reading it many times... knocking down blocks one by one

The Universal Traveler by Don Koberg and Jim Bagnall
Provides a structured framework which can be applied to any problem at hand. By taking the metaphor of "Travel" which everyone is quiet acquainted with, authors has structurally provided step by step guide to handle problem solving. Most striking feature of the book is the rich set of TOOLS/METHODS that can be used at each step of the problem solving. Another important aspect is the format of the book, there are lot white space available in each page of the books which helps reader to actually write down what is important for him/her.

How to Solve it By Goerge Polya
"Heuristic" approach of problem solving proposed in this book is a must for all problem solvers in their toolkit. I think Polya makes mathematical thinking available to all and has proved in a excellent way that mathematical approach can be used to solve any problem at hand. Simply the best book I have read which makes mathematics looks easy, just don't miss reading this

The Thinkers Toolkit by Morgan D Jones
"Hit and Run" approach - the most common response when a brain is faced with a problem is to find a solution and get rid of it. James in his book calls this "Satisfying" or "Hit and run approach", brain scarifies concepts for getting into solution quickly. This weakness of brain can be over come by using some tools. Morgan spends some time talking about general concepts of problem solving and decision making in the first part, in the second part he lists 14 tools and then more ideas on fine tuning the problem solving process.

Lateral Thinking by Ed De Bono

Six Thinking hats by Ed De Bono

ThinkerToys by Michael Michalko

A Whack on the Side of the head by Roger Von Oech

Drawing on the right side of the brain by Betty Edwards 
Improving Visual thinking is very important for problem solving. As Betty suggests drawing is the easiest creative endeavor that one can take... Simply Superb

Programming Pearls by Jon Bentely

Experiences in visual thinking by Robert Mc Kim (have not yet read it)

Five Star Mind by Tom Wujec

Monday, May 19, 2014


LIC Online Term Plan: Buy online (20-30% cheaper than offline version)

We can buy LIC Term insurance online at much lesser price, check out Manish blog story on this:


Best investment book to read

Just loved Subra's post...

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Memory - Observation tool: Trigger Questions

Oxford dictionary defines observation "Notice or perceive (something) and register it as being significant". So, there are two parts in observation:
- Perceiving 
- Registering it as being significant

One of the tool which has been very useful to me during the process of observation is "Trigger questions technique". Tool is very simple and hence it has been often ignored by many memory books. Tool involves asking a inventory of questions during the process of observation and making a mental note of the answers. 
   What is the need to observe this thing? Is it really worth spending few minutes observing this thing? Answer has to be a "BOLD YES" and mind has to spell out the need clearly. Without need and motivation there is no perception and hence mind is not attentive
   Go through the inventory of questions (example below) and answer each of question as honestly as i can. (Framing questions should cover question about "all 5 senses", "emotional moods", logic) 
   Did i spend at sufficient time (which is relative) observing? Is it worth spending more time observing and registering more information
   Finally, Summarize the significant information collected in the process of observation and give a command to mind to remember the information

There are many reasons why this tool works for me:
- First of all it force me to slow down. Most of time i will be in auto steering mode, where i walk around like a zombie rather than conscious intelligent being
- Secondly, inventory of questions force my attention on specific things. Some people also call this convergent observation where you perceive each and every detail of all possible information in the process of observation
- Thirdly, summarizing helps me to evaluate quality of observation and correct things if needed

When i started practicing this it was very tiresome and i felt dizzy sometimes. Sometimes i felt there is no sufficient time to do go through all questions, but believe me with practice mind can do this in a matter of a glance.

Danielle.C.Lapp in her book "Don't Forget" writes about observing a picture:
   First concentrate on the most striking feature of the picture, this would be different for different person. But this provides motivation for you to continue. Ask questions:
       What is the most striking feature in this picture? 
       Why does it impress me? Is it the color, shape, size, smell, sound, background, foreground..etc 
       Does it reminds me of any other pic/place/person..?
    Secondly, concentrate on the emotions stirred in you by the picture.
       Is it pleasant/unpleasent, stimulating/boring, happy/sad...etc
       Why does particular emotion is stirred? possible reason for this association 
Many research has proved that emotions/moods and memory is closely interlinked. If you want to recall some information give it a try to go into the mood when you stored the information in memory
   Thirdly Rational Awareness of the picture 
       What is the subject of the picture? What is the central idea that the painter is trying to portray?
       What is the structure of the picture? Like what is color, shades, pattern?
       What are other significant items in picture? Why particular items are important in the context of the picture 
       What is the painter's emotion when he is trying to portray the picture..etc

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Memory Observation tool: Thinking like a traveler

Thinking that you are in a totally different world and you need to observe each and every clue for survival will keep some part of brain highly active and this would aid very much in observation. Whenever i need to observe things in detail, i consciously try to force my mind that i am completely new to this(a foreigner). It works for me, do try it out. It also helps innovation tells "Tom Kelly".

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Memory: Recalling information will not just happen!!

During my early career days i was of the opinion that there is no need to memorize information as most of the it is just a click away.  With experiences in life and associated learning, i now believe memorizing information is absolutely required for solving small day to-day problems to most complicated problems.

There are multiple reasons why we might have to memorize information:
1. Amount and speed of remembering new information is dependent on how much information is already stored in memory that can be easily associated with the new information. So, the more we use memory the more easier and faster it would be remember new information
2. Many of us have experienced sub-concious problem solving (insight??).  Go to bed with a problem in mind and solution would pop up by the time you wake up. Human brain would have been busy in the background processing lots and lots of information in the brain to arrive at a optimal solution. Call it "insight" "aha!"..etc. For this to happen, lots of information should be there in the memory at the first place.
3. Most of the conscious problem solving approaches requires combining different ideas, concepts and information. For this the information has to be stored in long term memory which would be retrieved to working memory to combine/subtract/modify to arrive at a solution. If there are not much ideas in long term memory then it significantly hampers creative problem solving

After reading of couple books and doing some research on google,  i was pretty convinced about the necessity for memorizing information. Of late "Memory" has been favorite topic for discussions/experimentations.. etc and i do spend lot of times knowing more about it. I have started applying some memory techniques in day to day life which has helped me a lot.

With this series of blog, idea is to explore tools and techniques to aid memorizing information.
For me process of memorizing happens in 3 stages:

  1. Perception Stage - Gathering information using all the senses
    • Concentration - Discipline of mind to focus attention on required information
    • Interest - Closely associated with concentration is the interest of the mind to learn the new information.  
  2. Organizing Stage
    • Imagination - Ability of the mind to form concrete images/thoughts/sensations out of the gathered information, also ability to modify or change these images
    • Association - Associate newly formed images/thoughts/sensations with the information already in memory. Installing cues for recall
  3. Recall Stage
    • Association for recall - Using Cues like location, images, people or context to recall information
In the memory series of the blog, i would try out tools and techniques to memorize information and put out my experiences (what worked, what did not..etc) here. Hope it will be useful to you, please comment incase if you have interesting thoughts on these tools and techniques.

Memorizing information will not just happen like a magic, conscious effort needs to be put to perceive information using all the senses, code it in a language which individual mind likes and then use cues/contextual cues to recall the information. Like any other skill - practice, measurement and conscious effort to improve will improve memory tremendously. 

Monday, May 5, 2014


Parag Parikh's Long Term Value Fund

Parag Parikh is a well known name for his portfolio management service in Indian financial market. He is known for his integrity and walk the talk approach. Well, he has come with a new long term value mutual fund and the first time in this industry it outlines who should "NOT" buy it, have a look at the Video on his mutual fund home page. Well, obviously he has more knowledge and experience in this industry than most of us... if you are long term player then you should seriously consider this for investment.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Krsnaveshane - Sri Krishna will find my geometry box!! (1)

One of my close friend asked why the name "Krsnaaveshane"?? Following is excerpt of my reply:
"First thing...
                     somethings really triggers in me with the name Krishna, it just excites me. 
                     'Krsna' - means that which attracts
                     'anveshane' - means searching
                     So searching meaning of the things that attracts/excites me. Ofcourse finance is one such thing."

 Sri Krishna excites me, full stop. i started writing this blog to put my thoughts out on my journey of understanding this mystery man (somehow i link him to the concept of god) and with a selfish desire that readers thoughts might be helpful in the journey (of course realizing the potential of the social media...).

How i became interested in Sri Krishna?? Will try to recall my past (err... can we really recall from past) in next few blogs which pictures some events which mysteriously got linked to Krishna.

Mysore is a pleasant city known for its parks, lakes, chamundi hill, KRS dam..etc. Unhealthy competitiveness was the last word in its dictionary, but westernization is so deep rooted in our country it did not leave Mysore untouched. i was studying mostly 3rd or 4th standard and Anil was my best friend. Knowing our limits we used to compete for 10th place in the class. Our aim was to get to single digit someday which never worked out. Most of the times i was @ 10th place, Anil used to be @ 11th place. Then came a day when, the role reversed.

Our society & schooling system is designed to promote unhealthy competition and hence i believe it manures unhealthy emotions in children which shows up big time when we grow up. Anil had gone past me and jealousy over took my mind so much that it was difficult for me to talk to him. I had to do something to make mind silent and hence decided to steal his geometry box. It was last period of "friday" and i decided it was appropriate time to take revenge. Somehow all the skills required to do task that mind really wants to do automatically appears... so with all the skills of a professional thief i was successful in putting his geometry box in my bag. Mind was very very happy... Bell rang and he realized his geometry box is missing and then we tried to search for it and obviously we did not find it.

Anil started crying as we started walking towards our home. I asked him what he would do next, he replied "Sri Krishna will find my geometry box!! He knows who has taken it and he will find it and punish him".  It was shocker for me, the roller coaster ride of emotions & sleepless nights i had for next 2 days and how fear of Krishna forced me to keep geometry box back in Anil's bag (in my next blog) is probably my first encounter with Krishna.

Monday, April 28, 2014


Trying to lose weight - Check this out...

Setting quantitavtive goals and measuring it on regular basis is a time-tested method for achieving goals and improving on that goals. Weight reduction is mathematical, you need to create calorie deficit and there is a wonderful website that helps to set weight targets and measure day to day calories.. You can create an account for free and start tracking your improvements. Any other websites you have tried and found it useful, please comment on this page.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Bankbazaar - Cool Website for Loans related quotes, tools, calculators!!

Well, don't unnecessarily get into this loans business. In case if you still want to get loans, check this website out for free quotes. User interface is very user friendly and makes you feel easy. Website has lot of other details on FDs, Insurance, Loan related queries, Credit Cards...etc


LIC Premium - "Yearly" v/s "One time" Fraud! Be careful

Please careful while leaving applications to be filled by third person, it might hurt you back! Read on...

Friday, April 25, 2014


Got cheated in petrol pump?? Complain please!!

Some what old trick employed by petrol pump guys to cheat us. In case if you got cheated , Manish gives some ways to lodge a complaint. I think one should at least lodge a complaint to bring it to the notice of accountable people.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


LIC new term insurance plan - Amulya Jeevan

Few months back LIC launched new LIC term insurance named Amulya Jeevan series and claims has lesser premium than before. Its good time to either do a term insurance or may be swap older high premiums with new lower premium term plans. Manish Chauhan(one of my favorite blogger) writes about it: